Hot for Teacher Anthology - 3 Stories Reviewed

Hot For Teacher - Liv Morris, Phalla S. Rios, Amalie Silver, Author Niquel,  Missy Johnson,  Vicki Green, Mandee Mae

Book – Hot for Teacher
Author – Anthology (broken down by author below)
Publication Date – October 28, 2014
Genre – Romance
Type – Anthology
Cliffhanger – Some individual stories do
Rating – 4 out of 5 Stars

Complimentary Copy generously provided Author in exchange for an honest review.

Debating Number Ten by Amalie Silver (Carol)


4 ½ Stars


So, I had the awesome luck of reading this while it was being developed and if you know me well, you know that I don’t do Teacher/Student stories. Well, I worried what I would tell Amalie when I read it, but what a shocker when I found out that it wasn’t what I expected.  Yeah, so I hated Simon in the beginning with his cocky attitude but as the story went on and he developed as a character, I understood his misguided actions and started to sympathize with him.



This was a great story that had me laughing, shaking my head, gripping my heart and sighing all at the same time. Definitely, a short story where I pray the author develops it further into a full-length novel!


The Life Plan by Phalla S. Rios (Carol)


3 ½ Stars


This story had so much going on that it was difficult at times to keep up with what was happening.  I was a bit confused about the whole back story between parents. As you already know from my review above that I’m not a Teacher/Student fan, but again, I was pleasantly surprised with how the author took a couple with only a 7 year age difference with a past history and shaped it into the genre.



I did enjoy this story but would have liked to have the complete book – I know it’s difficult to develop characters and a story line in novellas and this is one I would like to know more about…expand on this more!


The Teacher’s Pet by Niquel (Carol)


4 Stars


What a cute story about a pair of male twins who are vying for the attentions of their new ‘hot’ teacher. This is told in both Zach and Zeke’s POV – and even though these two may look exactly the same…their personalities couldn’t be more different - Zach the star football player and just a “PLAYER” in general vs. Zeke the smart, dorky one.



I do have to warn you though that this does end in a MAJOR cliffhanger that will have you ready to pull your hair out.



So these are the stories I read with my fellow angels – overall this is a cute collection of stories that took me out of my comfort zone to be surprised with how tasteful these authors’ imaginations can come up with a story about a touchy subject.


You can find our full review on October 28 on the StarAngels Reviews Blog!


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