Twisted by Andrew E. Kaufman

Twisted - Andrew E. Kaufman

Book – Twisted

Author – Andrew E. Kaufman

Publication Date – April 7, 2015
Genre –Psychological Thriller/Mind Fuck
Type – Stand Alone
Cliffhanger – No
Rating – 5+++ out of 5 Stars


Complimentary copy generously provided by Amazon Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


The psychologist with a troubled past…

Dr. Christopher Kellan spends his days at Loveland Psychiatric Hospital, overseeing a unit known as Alpha Twelve, home to the most deranged and psychotic killers imaginable. His newest patient, Donny Ray Smith, is accused of murdering ten young girls and making their bodies disappear. But during his first encounter with Donny, Christopher finds something else unsettling: the man looks familiar.

The killer with a secret…

Donny Ray knows things about Christopher—things he couldn’t have possibly learned at Loveland. As the psychologist delves deeper into the mysterious patient’s case, Christopher’s life whirls out of control. The contours of his mind are rapidly losing shape, and his grasp on reality is slipping even faster. Is he going mad, or is that what Donny Ray wants him to think?

The terror that binds them…

In this taut psychological thriller from Andrew E. Kaufman, bestselling author of The Lion, the Lamb, the Hunted, a tormented man must face his fear and enter the mind of a killer to find the truth…even if it costs him his sanity. 

My Thoughts - Story
OK…I don’t even know where to start this review because this book fucking blew me away! After coming down from reading Mama Cried, Jahy contacted me and dared me to read a book that she picked out…I was up for a dare and the only thing left was to wait for my NetGalley request get approved. I know the books Jahy picks up are normally really fucked up but this was the last thing I was expecting.



If you know anything about me, you know that there are very few books out there that I can’t guess the ending and the twist to the book…well, yeah, you guessed it. I couldn’t figure this book out for shit. I kept coming up with these off the wall scenarios that would have turned this book into a sci-fi or horror or even fantasy but NOPE! By the time I got to the ending, I felt like I should have tried to kick myself in the ass.


Gripping isn’t a word to sum up this book – Fantastic is another one that won’t do this justice…Honestly I don’t think one simple word can come close – now, if there was a word like “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” that could pertain to thrillers…then YUP…that would be the word!



This is one of those books where when you pick it up and get through the beginning building up the story, you can’t put it down – you just need to know what Chris is going to come up with next. What Donny Ray is going to do to fuck with Chris and what kind of antics Devon will get in.


This is definitely a book I would recommend to EVERYONE who loves to get blown away by a twist so hard to figure out….



And I’ll dare you…read the book and if you can figure out the twist – message me with your guess and if you are right….I’ll gift you a $0.99 book of your choice!  (No cheating)


Chris is on a new assignment – he must figure out if the child killer, Donny Ray, is insane. Follow Chris through breaking down Donny Ray and how Chris’ life breaks down as he gets closer and closer to the truth.



Things really aren’t as they seem anymore and Chris starts to worry that he will follow in his father’s footsteps of adult onset schizophrenia. Is he danger to himself? Is he having hallucinations? When will the breaking point be before Chris realizes not everything is as it seems?


Reason for Reading – Recommended by Jahy
Story – 5 out of 5 Stars
Steam –  N/A
Angst – 5 out of 5 Stars
Writing – 5 out of 5 Stars
Content Flow – 5 out of 5 Stars

HEA (Spoiler) – That’s for you to decide
Would Read More from Author? Hell Yeah
Recommend To – Everyone who loves mind fucks.