Sojourn by Cecilia London

Sojourn (The Bellator Saga Book 3) - Cecilia London

Book – Sojourn

Author – Cecilia London

Series – Bellator Saga #3
Publication Date – December 7, 2015
Genre – Romantic Suspense

Type – Part of Series 
Cliffhanger – Yes
Rating – 5 out of 5 Stars

Complimentary Copy generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.



Haunted by her experience at The Fed, Caroline tries to create a new identity. A new present, a new future. She can’t escape the memories that dog her when she least expects it, leaving her mired in a depression that she finds difficult to escape. Caroline needs to regain her physical and mental strength if she intends on surviving the journey to find the elusive rebellion. But that’s easier said than done with the ghosts of the past constantly whispering in her ear.

The road is long and dangerous, and there are no guarantees. She and her companions have no idea what they will find when they arrive at their destination. And what they finally discover may change everything.

Part Three of a Six Part Saga. Sojourn (approximately 89,000 words) is not a standalone and must be read after the first two books in the series. Ends in a cliffhanger. For readers 18+. This book contains adult situations including explicit sex and violence.

My Thoughts - Story
Ms. London is one of my favorite authors and I get so excited every time I see  her email pop up…cause I know it’s going to be informing me that she would like my feed back on her newest book.


And this one did not at all disappoint. Now, while I was reading it…I kept getting antsy wanting Caroline to find Jack…it broke my heart that she is told that he is most definitely dead. Especially how I bawled at the end of Dissident thinking that both of them would never find the happiness that they both so deserve.



Is this all fairy tale and unicorns?? Hell no… this book is gritty – it is painful but in the same sense – BEAUTIFUL!


That is what I love so much about Ms. London’s writing.  I have been with her from the beginning…waiting in anticipation for each book while she writes. I have lived through Jack and Caroline and their EPIC love story.


Will this book leave you happy and finally sighing with relief? Hmmm…yes and no. This ain’t no fucking fairy tale.




I can’t say much except that Caroline is barely alive and being nursed back to health by a couple of renegades.  They must work together to get across to the West and California.


Jack is probably dead since no one  has heard from him since they were captured and Caroline must take on a new identity and mentally distance herself from her one true love.

Reason for Reading – Author Request

Story Rating – 5 out of 5 Stars

Steam Rating – 5 out of 5 Stars

Angst Rating – 5 out of 5 Stars

Writing Rating – 5 out of 5 Stars

Content Flow Rating – 5 out of 5 Stars

Would Read More from Author? Definitely

Recommend to – Anyone who loves a great love story with suspense.