Terrorscape (Horrorscape, #3) - Nenia Campbell *****5 WTF Stars*****OK....WTF was that ending?? So, is Val still pregnant? Is Ann Marie going to go after Val now?I WANT TO KNOW MORE!!!!My heart is broken with that ending....how fucked up am I that I was rooting for Gavin??? I know he's messed up but he tugged at my heartstrings and I wanted him to know love.....UGH.I feel like just getting a bottle of wine, a blanket and sit in a corner and cry - NO NO NO NO NO - this story can't be over!Nenia - what have you done to me?? There are VERY few storylines that I follow through the whole series and mark them as my "all time favorites"....but you have proceeded to do this. UGH...I feel like pulling my hair out! OK...enough rutting....no wait that was from the story....I mean "ranting" :-)So, Terrorscape picks up a few months after Horrorscape and now Gavin is serious about owning and manipulating Val.Val is now in college with a new identity but do you think that will stop Gavin? HELL to the NO!!He has upped his ante and is just getting started using Val as his canvas for his masterpiece!*pssttt....Nenia, I'm oh so mad at you!