Horrorscape (Horrorscape, #2) - Nenia Campbell *****5 Heart-pounding Crazy Stars*****Wow - WOW - WOWSERS!!!What a freaking FANTASTIC story line - I just can't believe how amazing this book was - I honestly thought Nenia couldn't do better than the 1st book in this series (Fearscape) but she knocked my socks off with this one!I found myself holding my breath and realizing that my heart was pounding so fast while reading some of the scenes of this book. Nenia writes so fantastic that while I was reading it was like a movie was playing in my head because of her graphic descriptions and true to life displays through words.After the 1st book, we come back to Val and Gavin 3-4 years later. Gavin's looks has changed which makes it impossible for everyone to recognize him. Val is dating James (asshole) - Lisa is back and Blake makes an entrance in this book.Gavin masterminds the perfect set-up for his revenge against Val. He invites her friends to a "themed" party (just guess what the theme is *hahaha). They are all just pawns in his game of hunt and eliminate.Will Gavin possess Val? Will he kill her? What about her friends?This is a series that will definitely be one of my all time favorites!! It's all thanks to that "little indie writer" Nenia Campbell!! *kisses