Plush - Kate Crash,  Catherine Hardwicke *****5 Amazing Stars*****Have you ever read a book where days after you are still thinking about it? This book has everything in, drugs, rock, murder, love, hate, angst, humor.....the list just goes on and on.This is definitely a book which I will be thinking about weeks to follow - that's how much this book touched me. Did I like the ending? I was a bit disappointed but the author gives us the chance to make our first I couldn't get used to the HAHAHA....HEEEHEEE....SLRP...SWKKKK sound effects but then I really got into it trying to make them to coordinate with the scene which made the story even better.I watched the trailer after I was done the book and from what I really corresponds with the book! Fantastic book and awesome trailer.I'm not going to give a synopsis of the book because I think I will give too much away - I'm just saying...if you like dark taboo readings with a bit of grammar errors and a different style of writing...then this book is for YOU!!