Down on Love - Jayne Denker

Down on Love - Jayne Denker

*****4 1/2 Heartwarming Stars*****


ARC provided by the publisher Kensington Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review



What a wonderful - heartfelt story....I never wanted this book to end because there were so many "Ahhh" moments. 


This book takes us through a journey with Georgiana while she learns how to love again.  It is a journey of mending fences with her sister and learning how precious a baby's life can be.  She also learns that she deserves the "right" type of love and can give her trust over to another man without losing herself.  We watch as George breaks out of her shell and opens herself up to love again.


Georgiana starts a blog "Down on Love" after her messy breakup with her controlling boyfriend. She turns into a snarky blogger who "pshes" at romance with each letter a viewer sends her.  She lives in Boston and hasn't been back to her small hometown in over 15 years.  Until....her sister calls and begs her to come home to help out with her niece.  George is petrified to return scared that she will be sucked back in to the black hole of small town living and guffaws at her old neighbors every chance she can get.  George falls right into the daily mess of her hometown....learning that all the folks gossip now through text messaging and these buggers are right up in her space.  Especially when she runs into Casey!!  It's neighbor against neighbor voting for the two must eligible bachelorettes for Casey.


Who is Casey?  George has been in love with Casey since she was a little girl tagging after her older sister and her friends.  When George graduated from high school Casey kissed her and then ran off which broke George's heart.  Casey tries to start up a relationship with her but George keeps her shields up and blocks his advances at every turn.


There are so many times while reading this book that I laughed so hard at some of the antics of the townspeople and George....then there were other times, I wanted to smack George upside her head and tell her "JUST GIVE HIM A CHANCE"


Why did I only rate this book 4 1/2 stars??  Well, it's obvious....I wanted more George and Casey!!