Whispers In The Dark - K I Lynn

Whispers in the Dark - K.I. Lynn



If you are looking for a short story that gets right into a:


- chance meeting

- flirtation

- chemistry

- All American Boy

- sexual tension

- steamy sex

- funny episodes

- more steamy sex

- knight in shining armor


All of this in less than 50 pages ----- KI Lynn has a way of getting me to shiver in anticipation and horniness.  I was immediately intrigued and captivated through the story.



Mia meets Tristan on a dark and stormy night after the elevator is out of order in her apartment building. 



There is instant chemistry and after a power outage - Mia runs into this sexy man once again in the hallway. 




From here - some flirtation - drop your panties - steamy sex and the next morning?  HEA!!

Cute, erotic and fun read!!