Secret Surrender - Priscilla West

Secret Surrender  - Priscilla West



Book provided by author in exchange for an honest review.


This is the second book in the series "Surrender" and we continue the romance between Kristen and Vincent.


There were a few scenes in this book that had my panties getting moist - that infamous sex scene in front of the computer was the BEST!!


Kristen and Vincent are getting serious now but Vincent continues to travel outside the continent and Kristen tries to deal with it along with her promotion in the firm and we can't forget about her anxiety over Marty showing back up.


Vincent takes Kristen away for a romantic weekend but then a secret from Vincent's past shows up and makes Kristen question the stability of their relationship.



They are both trying to make this work but it seems that fate has another idea in mind....


And we can't forget about the shit which happens at the end to really make Kristen lose it....and then......MAJOR CLIFFHANGER



OK...when is the next book coming out?? I need to know what happens next!!!