Stranded in Paradise - Sarah O'Rourke

Stranded in Paradise - Sarah O'Rourke

**** 4 Steamy Hotness on Hotness Stars ****


So this was my first full book of M/M and what a surprise it was.  So, I didn't really get into the story line cause guys just don't do that sweet romantic stuff....not these ALPHA males at least!


I got turned on....I really did - it felt like my va-jay-jay was doing kegal exercises on its own.  This was a good story for me to start with because it is about a heterosexual man (so he thinks) who is having fantasies about his colleague and friend but doesn't act on it.  He is gonna get his MAN CHERRY popped!!




So Ethan and David work together and are on a business trip but inclement weather keeps them from being able to return to New York.  Ethan is a 40 year old divorcee with a 5 year old child while David is about 10 years younger and lives on the wild side.  Both of them feel an attraction to the other but Ethan is scared and David is waiting for the right time to seduce his friend.


                                Hell, I love pussy. But, I like cock, too. For me, it’s more 

                               about the person I’m involved with rather than the

                               equipment they’re packing around with them.” – David


Well, seduce is putting it mildly with what David does to get Ethan primed and ready for action.  The hard part (besides their manhoods) is that both of them are "ALPHA" and who is gonna top who??


                              “In fact, feel free to strand me in paradise with you

                                 anytime, David.”

                              Burying his hand in Ethan’s black hair, Dave dragged his

                              lover on top of him. “Don’t worry, Sweet Thing. There’s

                              nobody else I’d rather have with me.”


And then, David introduces an old friend of his who just loves threesomes and watching guys go at we have TRAINS, PLANES and AUTOMOBILES in the bedroom....I couldn't figure out where one began and the other one stopped!!


As Paris Hilton would say, "It was HAWT"