Cum for Bigfoot - Virginia Wade

Cum For Bigfoot - Virginia Wade

Another Halloween MONSTER FUCK story!!


**** I can't decide between 3 1/2 or 4 Stars ****


So what happens when a group of teenie boopers goes into the woods for a week of hiking and camping while looking for Bigfoot??




Yup....every cliche under the sun....especially when the girls are hot and panty dripping wet!


Let's set the scene....


After a long day of hiking for hours the girls are sweaty and ready to get down for drinking with their "cute" guy friends and a hawt "step-dad" after they return from collecting firewood.


Leaves rustle....a twig snaps.....the 3 girls look at one another in fright...."What was that?"....."Are the boys back?"



All goes black


A bit later wake up in a cage in the pitch black....light snaps on.....and what??


A little old lady with a half man/half ape and.....wait.....what is that peeking out from his fur?? that a yard stick or is that ape man just happy to see fertile women?


Here is where it changes from the cliche monster movies......Ape man doesn't want to kill them and eat them....oh no.....he wants to FUCK them and impregnate them and FUCK them some more....He wants to show them a good time with his extra long and thick tongue and monster penis!!



Will the girls still want to escape after they had a taste of BIGFOOT??


Will there be baby SMALLFEET running around soon?



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