Rebel (Rebel #1) - Elle Casey

Rebel  - Elle Casey

Book – Rebel (Rebel #1)
Author – Elle Casey
Publication Date – October 31, 2013
Type – Can be read as a Stand-Alone/Series (no cliffhangers)
Rating – 4 Stars out of 5



Teagan Cross, college senior, rebel, and wiseass extraordinaire, goes from princess to pauper in a single phone call. Overnight, her life of privilege becomes one of survival, and no matter where she turns, it seems like the world is out to get her. She's not going to fall apart, though. She's a rebel and she's strong … determined to live life on her own terms … and nothing's going to stop her from getting things done and making things right. But when a twist of fate brings her to the doorstep of a different kind of Rebel, she's forced to figure out when something's worth fighting for and when something's worth letting go.




Reading Order
Rebel (Rebel #1) – Story of Rebel and Teagan
Hellion (Rebel #2) – Story of Mick and ???
Trouble (Rebel #3) – Story of Colin and ???



Wow….this was such a fun read!! I laughed so hard at one point that I snorted water out of my nose. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can’t wait for the next book to come out. Since this is the first book of the series, I’m going to take this time to introduce you to the main characters from this book and hopefully in the books to come. Especially since there were some questions unanswered in this book…..NO, don’t worry…..not a cliffhanger – just an open mystery- hold your horses….we will get there.



Teagan (Tea, Teag, Teabag)
Teagan is a senior at UCLA and comes from a very rich daddy in Silicon Valley even though she drives around a vintage ’68 Beetle she has named “The Beast”. Suddenly she finds out that her father is dead and she is left with NOTHING until she turns 30 and everything was left to the “not much older” bitch of a step-mother. For the first time in her life, Teagan has to take care of herself by finding a job, a place to live without any money or experience. She lowers herself to go into the slums of LA to look for work and is consistently turned away until she reaches the end of her rope and doesn’t take “NO” for an answer when she ends up at “Rebel’s Wheels”. She goes against the owner, Rebel, who says he’s not hiring and ends up cleaning the office and filing away the mish-mash of papers lying around the area.



The antics that Teagan get into are just hilarious especially with her naivety about living in the slums. She doesn’t give up though – she consistently eggs Rebel on about his age and his communication skills. As she spends more time with the boys at the garage, the more she feels wanted and liked, nothing compared to the lack of affection growing up. She also feels the sparks growing toward Rebel, but with his great communication skills, she has no clue about what is going on and as far as she knows….he still can’t stand her.



Take this growing love story between Teagan and Rebel and throw in a bit of a mystery and you have a knock your socks off book like “Rebel”. After Teagan’s father passes, she receives a matchbox car in the mail with a letter from her father asking her to protect it. It turns out the car is really something else that leads Teagan into some serious dangerous situations.



Rebel (Old Guy, Silent but Deadly)
He is a man of few words except for grunts and piercing eyes! For all that he doesn't say, he sure makes up in facial expressions especially when it comes to Teagan. Teagan is "special" and is the only one who gets him to crack a smile and sometimes even laugh. You know deep down inside he has feelings for Teagan because he always comes to her rescue and needs to be around her as much as possible.

Through the book you experience Rebel come out of his shell more and more while having full discussions with Teagan and sharing his past with her. He battles whether he deserves someone like Teagan especially since he has never had a serious relationship before.



Quin (Twat Breath)
Quin is Teagan's best friend and comediac side kick! When her and Teagan get together, get ready for some laugh out loud moments! Mick seems to think Quin is the shit and they openly flirt with one another.


Mick (Hellion)
Mick is Rebel's little foster brother and helps out at the shop restoring classic cars. He breaks the tension between Rebel and Teagan many times. The next book in the series is his story.....I wonder who will be cast as his love interest?


Colin (Trouble)
Colin is Mick's blood brother and Rebel's foster brother. When the story opens, he is in jail and is Trouble with a capital "T". Rebel warns Teagan to stay away from him and shows his jealousy one night when Colin and Teagan go out for a drink. Colin comes to Teagan's aide time and time again.


Julio (Rat)
I'm not sure if Julio is going to be in anymore books, but I thought he was so cute as Teagan's next door neighbor when she was living at the "Crack Hotel" A 16 year old who has a major crush on Teagan and is there to help her the best he can assimilate to slum town.


Perry (Asscar Driver)
Perry is only mentioned at the beginning of the story as someone who Teagan hooked up at a party once and can't shake this pain in the ass. He got his nickname from a dare to put a matchbox car up his ass. Teagan and Quin gave him this nickname.


This my friends is a breath of fresh air story!! It has been a long time since I have laughed so hard, sometimes I was reminded of Tara Sivec and her books.

This is definitely a book I would recommend to read for a good love and laugh story!