Beautiful Nightmare (Asylum #3) - Lauren Hammond

Beautiful Nightmares - Lauren Hammond

Book - Beautiful Nightmare (Asylum #3)

Author - Lauren Hammond

Publication Date - November 19, 2013

Type - Series (Must read in Order)

Genre - Dark, Mind Fuck

Rating - 5 out of 5 Stars



The epic, final installment in the Asylum Trilogy. 

Sanity is a funny word. 
To be sane. 
To have clear thoughts. 
To be able to distinguish the difference from fantasy and reality. 
I used to think that my sanity was still intact. 
That all of my marbles were still in the bag known as my mind. 
That I would never—EVER—let Oakhill get the best of me. 
Now, I’m not so sure. Now I’m not sure if I really am sane… 
Or if I’ve lost my mind once and for all. 


Reading Order

Insanity (Asylum #1)

White Walls (Asylum #2)

Beautiful Nightmares (Asylum #3)



This book BLEW me away!! I can't write a review because it would give the whole series away because this book was ONE BIG SPOILER!!


I thought and thought about how I was going to do this review and I think I finally came up with a solution.....


I'm going to show you how I felt while reading this book.....Ready?


This is how I felt when I remembered the book came out today


Then by the time I got up to about 10% in....



Then I read a bit more.....



Yes....that's how I felt.....but......NO don't stop there....



Yeah....I was confused all over again.....I kept shaking my head and saying "WTF?"



Then, yes, I started banging it...thinking something soon should make sense...

and by this time we are still only about 25% into the book. 



....ummmm.....but is he - or isn't he?  That my friend, is the question!



Yeah...this book is making just as much sense as granny above!!


I'm about 40% into the book now....and my mind is going a different way now.



You can take this one of two ways....Not gonna say anymore!!



I'm getting excited now...cause maybe just maybe I'm getting to the explanations that I have been wondering about for the past 3 books.....



Nope...I was I need to drink my brain to oblivion!



Yup...I need more.....I gotta get some answers soon!!



Yes...that's me now - just thrown another loop.....WTF!



Have I gotten any answers yet by 70% in???



Wait.....wait......wait......are we gonna find out if Damien is real?


Was Elijah real?  Was she really married?  Did she have a baby?


Is she really insane?  Why is she in the asylum?  Is this just a dream?



Yes....YES.....we are getting answers but - wait.....but.....




Wrap Up

This is the end, my friend.....


Such a mind fuck!!  I feel the urge to stand up and give Ms. Hammond a round of applause for messing with my mind!