The Beginning of January - Amy Baker

The Beginning of January - Amy Baker

Book - The Beginning of January
Author - Amy Baker
Publication Date - July 9, 2013
Type - Stand Alone
Genre - Romance, Humor
Rating - 4 out of 5 Stars


The Beginning of January is a stand alone novel full of romance, suspense and a lot of laughs!


January Vallis has been with James Bennett for ten years. Ten wasted, disillusioned years. When he decimates her world with his parting words, she is left shattered feeling the loss of a long time love that she had grown so accustomed.



Oliver Raybeck is an investigator hired to look into James Bennett's illegal business dealings. But long after he accumulates the evidence he was hired to uncover, he can't stop following James Bennett. But his obsession isn't with Bennett, it is with his long time girlfriend January Vallis.


The first time Oliver Raybeck sees January Vallis, she is walking her loving and faithful Rottweiler, Brynn. Awe struck by her grace and beauty Oliver can't stay away. Though discouraged by his best friend Tom, he dedicates almost all of his time looking after the shattered beauty long after Bennett's departure. But he can only keep his distance for so long and whether January knows it or not, there is a white water rafting trip in her future...



Unbeknownst to Oliver, his attention brings a danger that threatens him and January and unveils his true identity before he has had time to come clean to January about who he really is. Feeling betrayed, an upset January tries to send Oliver away. But he is unwilling to give up on her and sets out to protect her and win her heart all at the same time.


**This book is meant for mature readers as it has all the steamy scenes that a sexy romance requires with a hint of unsavory language.



You know - I should really follow my own advice and believe in "Never judge a book by it's cover" - that's exactly what I did in this case and how much further from the truth could my judgemental side be? I kept putting off reading it - and what a mistake that was.


This book was so freakin' cute that I didn't put it down yesterday unless I absolutely HAD too!! I feel in love with January and Oliver....especially Oliver. What a total freak-a-zoid he was....madly in love with January but when he gets the opportunity to finally talk to her....he acts like a bumbling idiot.



I just loved their banter back and forth especially during the rafting trip....I was chuckling during so many scenes and shaking my head at Oliver while he tried to win January over. What a trip!!


See, Oliver has been investigating/following January's boyfriend of 10 years and for a year Oliver has been stalking January because he has fallen madly in love with her. Weird huh? Yeah...that's Oliver but finally after January gets dumped and has had enough time to sulk, Oliver makes his move. He puts a rafting flyer in January's friend's door - so you can just guess that while January goes rafting, so does Oliver and his friend. January instantly realizes just how attractive Oliver is but his personality is something else because January only gets more and more pissed off at him - the two of them continue to throw insults back and forth.


January doesn't know what to make of Oliver - one minute she thinks he may like her and then the next she gets another idea how does Oliver know so much about her? Did she mention it to him? And he doesn't ask any personal questions about herself? This is all so strange to January, but all is forgotten as soon as Oliver's lips touch hers.



We follow January and Oliver's relationship through bickering and then steamy make-out sessions, until the truth gets revealed....


What will happen next? Will Oliver be able explain himself? Why is January suddenly being stalked by someone else?

Wrap Up
Get ready to experience a cute and funny romance that will have you smacking yourself in the forehead one minute and then sighing heavily the next.


And always......always.......


remember - "Never judge a book by it's cover"