Hellion (Rebel #2) - Elle Casey

Hellion  - Elle Casey

Book - Hellion (Rebel #2)
Author - Elle Casey
Publication Date - November 30, 2013
Type - Stand Alone Series
Genre - Romance, New Adult
Rating - 3 out of 5 Stars


Quinlan Torres has responsibilities - one more year of college, a brother who needs a lot of extra supervision, and a best friend in the middle of a hostile takeover of her late father's company. The best thing for her to do would be to keep her head down, her eye on the ball, and her mind clear of any distractions. Problem is, her best friend's boyfriend has this brother...


Reading Order
Rebel (Rebel #1) - Rebel and Teagan's Story
Hellion (Rebel #2) - Mick and Quin's Story
Trouble (Rebel #3) - Colin and Alissa's Story (out December 31, 2013)


Ummm....to be perfectly honest - I ABSOLUTELY was FRUSTRATED with the heroine in this book - Quinlan....yeah she was pretty funny in the first book but just plain annoying in the second book. I laughed my ass off in the first book and yeah, I laughed a few times in this one too...but I think it too over the top with the humor and would have liked to have more character development mixed in.


I wanted to smack that bitch up - not only for how she treated everyone around her, but especially the disregard she had for other people's feelings. The only redeeming qualities that Quin had was the devotion to her brother and her ability to help Teagan.



I liked Mick in this book and thought he did a stand up job dealing with Quin and her family. I fell in LOVE with Colin in this story and can't wait for his story next.


There really isn't much of a story line here - this book mainly centers around Quin and her attraction to Mick while trying to keep it a secret by being atrociously mean to him.


Wrap Up
Not as funny as the first book - very annoying heroine - likable hero - not much plot involved.


I will still read the next book in this series because I think that Colin has the potential to make the story HOT!