Presidential Pursuit (Love and Scandal 0.5) - Rachel Kall

Presidential Pursuit - Rachel Kall

Book – Presidential Pursuit (Love and Scandal 0.5)

Author – Rachel Kall

Publication Date – December 16, 2013

Type – Novella Stand Alone Series

Genre – Romance, Suspense

Rating – 3 1/2 out of 5 Stars


Book provided by author in exchange for an honest review.



Dynamic and determined, Helen Riley has devoted her life to public service. Now she’s on the verge of doing something no other woman has ever done: Become the President of the United States of America. But her enemies will stop at nothing to end her Presidential hopes.

Smart, loyal, and sexy Sean Mackay has never pushed to be more than Governor Riley’s best friend and strongest supporter. However, when her life is threatened Sean steps up to protect the woman he loves beyond all reason.

As the campaign heats up, sparks begin to fly between Helen and Sean. Will she make history and admit her love for Sean, or will her pursuit of the White House end in tragedy?


Reading Order

Presidential Pursuit (Love and Scandal 0.5) – Helen and Sean’s Story

Race to Kill (Love and Scandal 1) – Vivian and Marcus’ Story



I remember Helen from the first book I read by Rachel – so it was enjoyable finding out what her story was before she was elected President.  The story was short and sweet with a bit of suspense.  It is this suspense that sets up the story for “Race to Kill”. 




I think I may have enjoyed this story more if I read it before I read the 1st book.  It seemed a bit rushed to me and didn’t go into a lot of detail about Helen and Sean.  I know I would have liked to have read more about their budding relationship and maybe given them some angst to deal with in the present instead of it all having to do with the past.




Helen is on the Presidential Circuit campaigning for her party’s vote.  She is 45 years old and has never been married (which seems to be a negative vote) but she has always had feelings for her best friend, Sean.  She has kept them quiet for years upon years because she never wanted to come in second to his dead wife.



She is up against a bigot as her running partner who will do anything to win the ticket and some very hateful mail but do you think this may stop our heroine from winning the party’s nomination? 


Through all of this Helen can’t stop her feelings for Sean from growing and wanting to act on.  We also get Sean’s POV and how he has had more than “friendship” feelings for her but doesn’t think she returns the feelings.


Will our two finally end up together?  Will the Secret Service catch who has been threatening Helen?



This is a cute and easy read if you have about an hour or two to spare.  Just try to read this one before “Race to Kill” so you can get the full story from the beginning!