Shatter (A St. Martin Family Saga #3) - Gina Watson

Shatter - Gina  Watson

Series – St. Martin Family Saga #1-5

Author – Gina Watson

Publication Date – December 6, 2013

Type – Novella Romance

Genre – Stand Alone Series

Overall Rating – 4 out of 5 Stars




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Book - Shatter (St. Martin Family Saga #3)

Rating – 4 out of 5 Stars


Logan and Jessica’s story.  Logan owns a brewery in town naming each of his concoctions after parts of the body which seems fitting since he is licensed to be a doctor.  He is looking to be a supplier of his brews to a local restaurant and that is how he meets Jessica.


Jessica owns an Italian Restaurant which she runs on her own as a widow and is raising a son.  On meeting, Jessica automatically takes a dislike to Logan with his carefree attitude and remembers that she has a boyfriend.  A boyfriend who she isn’t sexually attracted to but she needs a man for a good role model for her son.


Logan is the farthest in her mind as the perfect role model, but looks may be deceiving.  Logan loves Jessica and everything about her and her son, but he is battling demons of his own.  See, Logan isn’t a true St. Martin; he was adopted after his parents were murdered.


But again – I will repeat…looks may be deceiving.


I enjoyed this story much more than the first two – there was more of a storyline to this one and didn’t revolve around – let’s get naked – do the dirty – have second thoughts – fall in love – get married – live HEA.