Mine to Lose - T.K. Rapp

Mine to Lose - T.K. Rapp

Book – Mine to Lose

Author – T.K. Rapp

Publication Date – January 9, 2014

Type – Stand Alone

Genre – Romance

Rating – 4 out of 5 Stars


ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.


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What happens when the fairy tale ends before it even begins?


Three years, two graduations, an engagement and a move to another state later, Emogen and Ryan are more in love than ever. He’s the one man she never expected to have and the only man she’s determined to keep. He’s her forever, and there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for him.

Almost, that is. 

Ryan announces that he’s accepted a job offer that requires yet another move. Angry he didn’t discuss his decision with her first, Emogen refuses to pack up and follow. She has a career, too, and she’s not ready to give it up.

Although determined to make the long distance thing work, their lives and careers begin to take a toll on the relationship, leaving them to wonder if they’re doing the right thing. 

Sometimes love isn’t enough.

When you lose the one thing you are certain of, will you fight to get it back? Or will you let it go?



I didn’t know what to expect going into this book but it wasn’t what I got out of it.  Part way through I thought I had all the answers and this was going to be another one of “finding one true love” after being hurt.



Nope, I thought I had it right and I braced myself for being torn apart by grief and yes, there were times I felt like I was going to lose some salty tears.  This book is more about the discovery of what may happen when a healthy relationship is suddenly hit with a roadblock full of miles apart and secrets held tight.


It was a journey of self-discovery for Emogen and how to deal with a broken heart while being apart from the only person who was always there for her.  Emogen and Ryan must discover what the most important things in life are instead of the priorities they have already set in place.


This is a book full of ups and downs – happiness and tears – truths and lies – it is a journey through love, break up, new friends, new careers, heartbreak, questions, fights, and finally a future.




Ryan and Emogen are getting married in a year but there is a bit of a problem.  In order for Ryan’s career to progress, he must move to another state for a year.  Emogen is finally settled in Denver and her career is taking off. 


They agree to give living thousands of miles apart a chance since their relationship and love is so strong.  At first, Emogen is heartbroken but Ryan is dedicated to texting, calling and visiting whenever he gets a chance….but as time goes on this starts to disappear.



At the same time, Emogen is working her first event with a handsome client who is attracted to her.


What will happen when Ryan discovers this “client” is none other than a man who stood between him and Emogen when they were fighting?  What will happen when Emogen discovers who Ryan’s work partner is….the one he’s been spending so much time with?  Can their love survive a long distance relationship, even after being together for 3 years?



Wrap Up

If you are looking for a “clean” story where discovering what love really is….then this is a read for you.


About the Author

I was born and raised in the Houston area. (I love Texas!) I never planned on leaving, but my husband had other plans...since he was in the military at the time. 

I have had the opportunity to live in California, South Carolina and Virginia...and as much as I loved those places and the people along the way, I missed Texas! So we finally planted some roots and it's here I will grow old and die. (I'm not morbid).

I've had a lifelong love of journaling and writing, but never did anything with it...as far as sharing it. Until now. This year, I finally scratched a line off my bucket list (still not morbid), by writing my first book. I'm not sure if I can call it a novel or not, so I'll go with book. 

There may be more to come...


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