The Fine Line - Alicia Kobishop

The Fine Line - Alicia Kobishop

Book – The Fine Line

Author – Alicia Kobishop

Publication Date – December 6, 2013

Type – Stand Alone

Genre – Romance

Rating – 3 1/2 out of 5 Stars


Book provided by Author in exchange for an honest review.



High school senior Liv Evans has one rule: No attachments. She’s lost enough in her life and has vowed to do whatever it takes to make sure she never again feels the emptiness of losing someone she loves. Boys are a fun distraction, but a serious relationship is something she’d rather live without. Her determination for a future free of pain and heartbreak is put to the test when she meets–and quickly forms an unexpected bond–with Logan Tanner.


Logan has always been a free spirit, but ever since a life-changing event took place, which left him doubting the integrity of those who are closest to him, he’s taken that term to a whole new dangerous level. Learning the hard way that life is too short for worries or work–and that women can’t be trusted–Logan has exchanged steady work for street racing. When Liv walks into his world, everything he thought he knew about life and women is challenged.

In The Fine Line, Liv and Logan will discover if it’s possible for true love to have a future, or if history is destined to repeat itself.



What is there not to love about Fast Cars, So Co, Nitrous tanks, Virgins, Drugs and Guns in a story?  I’ll tell you what I didn’t love in this story and that was Liv – annoying, thick headed little “B” word.  She didn’t deserve Logan – he poured his soul out to her.  He put Liv on a pedestal and worshipped the ground she walked on – RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE, LIV??? Do you need contacts?  Love was staring you in the face and if I had to hear you say “Just Friends” one more time….I was going to scream! 



Ok…I’m done with my ranting.  I enjoyed the book immensely and I fell in love with Logan – he was the perfect boyfriend material who wore his heart on his sleeve when it came to Liv.  I understand her hesitancy in getting into a relationship but it was already there…the actions spoke louder than the words.  She felt the pull, she felt the loyalty, jealously, and love toward Logan – she just couldn’t speak the words.  She was only trying to fool herself and hurting Logan in the process.


It wasn’t until Liv finally tore down the walls built around her heart that I was huffing or puffing every time I heard “F-R-I-E-N-D-S”




Liv stays single for one reason and one reason only…..abandonment.  She’s had a tough past between death, divorce and cheating.  When faced with that as a child growing up, it leaves scars on your heart and in your mind.


That is until she meets Logan – it may have only been a few minutes but both of them knew this was something special.  Logan works and lives at his uncle’s auto body shop and loves to restore cars along with “pimping” his ride out.  He races for money – that is illegally and learns that he can’t lose a race when Liv is the flag girl.



Logan has no problems telling Liv how he feels about her, but quickly learns that if he does…Liv goes running.  This is a “just friends” relationship or no relationship at all.  The two of them go through so much sexual tension and a roller-coaster ride full of tears and happiness.


What will happen when Logan finally lets it all out and tells Liv that he loves her?  What happens when Logan has to decide between street racing and Liv?


Hmmm? Wouldn’t you like to know!!




Join me in smacking Liv upside her head every time she backs away from Logan….cause I’m telling you girlie….if you don’t want him….I’ll take him off your hands! <3


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Alicia Kobishop, who was born, raised, and currently resides in the greater Milwaukee, WI area, is a happily married mother of 2 young children. "The Fine Line," a new adult contemporary romance, is her debut novel. 


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