Uncovering You (Uncovering #1)

Uncovering You (Uncovering #1) - Scarlett Edwards

Book – Uncovering You (Uncovering You #1)

Author – Scarlett Edwards

Publication Date – March 27, 2014

Type – Part of Series

Genre –Dark, Captive

Rating – 4 out of 5 Stars


Book provided by Author in exchange for an honest review.




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~RELEASE: Mar 27th, 2014~

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When I wake up in a dark, unfamiliar room, I have no idea what's waiting for me in the shadows. My imagination conjures up demons of the worst kind.

Reality is much worse:

A collar with no leash. A prison with no walls. And a life stripped of meaning.

I am presented with a vile contract and asked to sign. It outlines the terms of my servitude. The only information I have about my captor are the two small letters inked at the bottom:


Armed with only my memories, I must do everything I can to avoid becoming ensnared in his twisted mind games. But in the end, it all comes down to one choice:

Resist and die.

Or submit, and sign my life away.



I don’t even know how to start this….after I went through a bit of confusion popping back and forth between time, I sucked this book up in less than 2 hours.  I was held captive – in a good way – not like our heroine is in the story.



I loved how the book switched from the present to the far past to the near past….am I confusing you?  Well, the book doesn’t – at least not after about 10% in. 


Was it dark?  Ehhhh….yes and no….not yet – this first story I believe is setting up the plot for the rest of the book.  We meet our heroine and we get a glimpse of her relationship to come with the mysterious JS.  I would say this is more of a mind fuck for the character waking up in a strange place and not having any memory of how she ended up there or why she is even there.



I also enjoyed how the author threw some mysterious happenings in the mix….I just have to say pay attention to the hole and the bird that goes “Caw Caw” hmmm??? I’m dying to know where that fits into the rest of the story.


What did I not like about it?  The same complaint I have with every series that are so short….anticipation for the next book in the series….and wait…..get this…..the book doesn’t come out till the end of March….and I’ll have to wait a few weeks after that to get to the next book – OH THE HORROR…..there that is my MIND FUCK for the reader!!



I can’t give you a recap of this story since it’s too far until the release…but I will leave you with these parting thoughts….


Captive                                 Check

Abuse                                   Check

Pain                                      Check

Fucked up Childhood           Check

A Twist                                 Check

Sex                                       Nope

Twisted Alpha Male              Check

Mystery                                Check

Party Pooper Author            Check (for making me wait till the next one)

Cliff Hanger                          Check/check/check/check/check





Now off my little kiddies….and reserve this book closer to the release date so you don’t have to be like Auntie Carol and end up bald before #2 comes out!


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