Unexpected (Unexpected #2) - Amity Cross

Unexpected (Unexpected #1) - Amity Cross

Book – Unexpected (Unexpected #2)

Author – Amity Cross

Publication Date – February 4, 2014

Type – Part of Series

Genre –Romance, New Adult

Rating – 3 ½ out of 5 Stars


Book provided by Author (for Release Blitz) in exchange for an honest review.



Blair is looking for an escape.

West is looking for a connection.

One down and out woman. One isolated rock star. Life at the top is lonely, but so is life at the bottom.


Blair is just looking for someone to take the edge off her crappy life. Dull the pain, breathe a little life into her neglected body. A chance meeting at a bar leads to a night of passion. No names, no personal details. Just sex.

Well, it wasn't personal until she sees the guy standing on a stage ten meters in front of her. How the hell didn't she realize that the guy who blew her mind is the guitarist out of that dirty rock'n'roll band, Affliction? And why is he chasing her down the street? And how does he know her name?

Sometimes you find the things you didn't even know you were looking for in the most unexpected places.



I picked this book up and started reading…..before I knew it – I was finished.  Damn, did it have to end so quickly?  I feel like this was just the first part in a budding relationship and I was ready for more.  I wanted to know what happens next and THEN - it ended.



I loved Blair’s character…sassy, bitchy, dominant, take the world by the balls type of chick.  What girl do you know will walk into a bar and pick up a guy – rock his world – and just leave?  That was Blair and did she ever rock West’s life!  After one night of passion with “Beautiful” he will never be the same again.


This story drew you in and held your heart and your mind.  I rooted for West to find his mysterious girl and I rooted for Blair to finally find some of the happiness she so deserves.




Blair is all alone – everyone and anyone she has ever tried to get close to has left her.  She hides behind a mask of bitchiness in order to not get hurt again.  She craves human touch in the form of sex and goes out every so often to get her fix.  No names – no talk – no phone numbers – JUST SEX!


One night Blair goes out to a off the beat bar and instantly attracts the attention of a customer.  She is mesmerized by his tattoos and his eyes.  No small talk….Blair just wants to leave and have a night of up against the wall, slamming sex.  The guy is all for it and brings her back to his upscale hotel room where the two have the most memorable sex EVER!  The guy begs Beautiful to stay with him the night and she relents.  Little does this guy know, Blair leaves as soon as she hears the even breaths coming from his mouth.



West wakes up and can’t think of anything else but the girl from the night before.  He can’t even concentrate on his upcoming gig that night.  You see West is the lead singer of Affliction (one of Blair’s favorite rock bands).  It isn’t until that night when Blair has a ticket to see Affliction, that she realizes the guy from the night before is none other than the lead singer!


Between Blair’s insecurities and tightly formed shields around her heart and West’s past with addictions to drugs, alcohol and women…these two are in store for the ride of their lives!




Ummmm….when is #2 coming out?