Pushed by Kimberly A. Bettes

Pushed - Kimberly A. Bettes

Book – Pushed

Author – Kimberly A. Bettes

Publication Date – February 20, 2014

Type – Conclusion of Held

Genre – Horror/Thriller

Rating – 4 out of 5 Stars



Ron Redwine is an up-and-coming author, a man whose lifelong dream of achieving celebrity status in the literary world is finally becoming a reality. But Ron isn't only a writer. He's also a sadistic serial killer who kidnaps, tortures, and murders women in his basement.

Nicole Lee is a beloved wife and mother. She's also the only woman who has ever escaped Ron's clutches. After being held in captivity for nearly a year, she found a way out, a way to be free once again and go back to her life. Only she can't. The life she knew before her abduction is gone. Separated from her husband and son, Nicole is psychologically broken. She spends months in a mental health facility trying to put the past behind her so she can return to her family.

Upon her release, Nicole hides herself away in a fleabag motel where she wrestles with her demons alone. When an interview on the local news advertises the last two stops on Ron's latest book tour, she becomes enraged. Furious that he's able to live his life happily while she's reduced to an existence filled with guilt and despair, she decides to take matters into her own hands.

Pushed too far, Nicole seeks her revenge, using Ron's own devices against him.

For mature audiences only.

From the dark mind of Kimberly A. Bettes comes the highly anticipated sequel to HELD. Be warned: This book is every bit as raw and gritty as the first.



I don’t know if I was “pre-menopausal”, PMS’ing, or just plain weepy this weekend….but I HATED this book!!  Nah, seriously – I did.  Well, not so much the book as much as the story of Ron.  So, I hated Ron in the first book and wanted revenge against him (most of the time)……I don’t know if I have a soft side for the human race whether they are serial killers or rapists or what-not --------- or it could be that I am just as fucked up as Ron was.


I know right?? If you read this book you will probably be scratching your head and just getting ready to click that “UNFRIEND” button right now on GR ----go ahead and DO IT...I would, if I was in your shoes!! ;-)



The beginning didn’t bother me, I didn’t hate Ron for what he was doing to those women – I think I sugar coated his obsession with Nicole and the heart break he was experiencing for the excuse of why he was abusing these women as bad as he did.


I understand why Nicole had to do the things she did – I understand she was handing out punishment to Ron coinciding with the punishments he handed her in the past….but COME ON…..she really had to go there with the “soup”??  I was appalled….my poor sweet Ron – I could hear his heart breaking from my chair.



What would I have done different?  OK….so once we get to the part where Nicole and Ron are having a heart to heart talk….Nicole starts to change her mind – she knows she will never be normal again after going through the shit she went through along with not feeling any remorse in what she is doing to Ron – so little by little Ron starts to break down her defenses and is true to his word about not harming her if she lets him go so they could be “good together”.  This is after Nicole makes sure that Ron will never walk again – this is to protect herself.  COME ON.....the bitch has to protect herself....I may be fucked in the head...but I ain't STUPID!!  Incapacitate him by making it so he can never use his feet again....HINT HINT.....Once Ron is free and understands what it feels like being on the other end of a knife – he vows never to hurt Nicole again and instead the two of them do research together on writing his horror novels.  The basement ends up getting a lot of use!



Another happy ending for me would have been if Ron escaped at the last minute – turned to Morgan and said “I will eat your liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti”



Why?…..please tell me why I feel so heartbroken over Ron?  I should be happy and doing a tango over Nicole getting her revenge and finally putting the ghosts to rest.


Ms. Bettes, I honestly loved the book and the whole concept behind it ---- to me it measures up to the famous Stephen King and Dean Koontz!! 


I shall go see a therapist now and discuss my irrational thought processes…..




Nicole is physically free but emotionally and mentally she is still being held captive in Ron’s basement.  No matter how many therapists she sees, no matter how many pills she takes – she will never be free.


It’s time to take matters into her own hands and with fate on her side…she finds Ron and plans the perfect revenge.


That’s it…..what suckers???  Read it yourself – if I start reminiscing, I’ll start another rampage about the inhumanity of what happens to my Ron!



Want some draw dropping horror?  Want some fucked up philosophy? Want some feet served on a platter?  Welp, then this is for you!!