A Husband's Regret by Natasha Anders

A Husband's Regret (The Unwanted Series) - Natasha Anders

Book – A Husband’s Regret (Unwanted #2)

Author – Natasha Anders

Publication Date – April 29, 2014

Type – No Cliffhanger Series

Genre – Romance

Rating – 4 out of 5 Stars


ARC kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.



Tall and thin, twenty-eight-year-old Bronwyn Palmer has become positively gaunt, a ghost of her former self. That self was—and still is—the wife of a rich, handsome executive with an ocean-view house and his own security staff.

It was in that house, two years ago, that Bryce Palmer learned Bronwyn was pregnant with their first child. But Bryce’s rage over his impending fatherhood touched off a chain reaction of emotional and physical traumas that wounded them both. For Bronwyn, it meant fleeing the perfect marriage to start over with nothing but a precocious daughter named Kayla to care for. For Bryce, it meant a tortuous two years spent blaming his wife for deserting him, and living with the pain of not knowing his child. Now a chance encounter has brought Bronwyn back into Bryce’s life, both bearing scars...and neither knowing the whole truth of that fateful night that drove them apart.



Oh how much I hated that dickhead Bryce and what he did to Bron – even not so much as what he did but the things he accused her of and made everyone else to believe.  Reading this in the beginning – I could feel my neck getting hot and my jaw getting sore from clenching it – I honestly wish I could have kicked the shit out of Bryce and maybe I could have gotten a word in edgewise where Bron couldn’t.  Oh the arrogant ass!



Just like the first book by this author – I was captivated and entertained throughout the whole book – yes, there were times that the story slowed down a bit and I had to stop the temptation from skimming forward but other than that – the book was phenomenonal!  The author had the ability to make me feel – I mean REALLY FEEL – even though that feeling was empathy for Bron and hatred toward Bryce – the feelings were all encompassing.


Just as the author’s ability to make me hate Bryce….slowly she spun a web of doubts about that hatred and turned it into an understanding and then love for Bryce!  Wow…my hats off to you Ms. Anders and your achievement of accomplishing the “switch-er-roo” *bravo





Bron and Bryce are married – happily?  Well for Bron she feels it is and can’t wait to spring a surprise on Bryce, but all goes wrong when Bryce doesn’t react the way she suspects he will.  Bryce throws a serious fit and orders Bron out of his house and out of his life – taking him seriously, Bron takes off to their vacation home to wait but Bryce never shows up and Bron makes the choice to leave and start a new life on her own with nothing but her wedding ring and car.


Years later, Bryce’s brother runs into Bron while she is about to faint from being deathly ill.  He takes her to the hospital and calls Bryce.  The hatred pouring out of Bryce toward Bron is unbelievable but then Bryce is brought to his knees when he looks into the eyes of his daughter.




Bryce demands that Bron come and live with him – giving him the chance to get to know his daughter while getting revenge on his wife…..things just continue to escalate – until all the truths Bryce thought were real….only end up being one big lie.


Is it too late for him?



Love a story about a man who is brought to his knees.