Slade (Walk of Shame #1)

Slade (Walk of Shame #1) - Victoria Ashley

Book – Slade (Walk of Shame #1)

Author – Victoria Ashley

Publication Date – June 3, 2014

Type – No Cliffhanger Series

Genre – Romance

Rating – 5 out of 5 Stars


Complimentary Copy provided by Author in exchange for an honest review.



My name is Slade Merrick and I’m a f*cking sex addict . . . 

I’ve been told it’s a problem. But I see it as a passion; something that I’m good at. And who the f*ck stops something that they’re good at?

They want me to seek help; get my c*ck in check. Don't judge my lifestyle. You’re no better than me. Just admit it, you like to f*ck too. Sex is what I do best; my own personal high, so I embrace it instead of being ashamed.

When I'm not f*cking, I'm slinging drinks at Walk Of Shame or stripping my way into your bed; another thing I'm good at. Every woman’s darkest fantasy brought to life.

So, am I stopping? F*ck no. Sex is beautiful, raw and erotic and I get off knowing I can have it with anyone I want . . . with the exception of her.


She walks into the club swaying those hips, instantly drawing my c*ck to attention. She’s pure perfection. That is, until she opens that mouth, drawing me in and for the first time in forever I want something more than sex. I want her and she hates it.

Things get dirty. Dirty is what I like; it’s how I live. But . . . she’s playing a game she can never win.

***Author's note*** Due to strong language and a very high amount of dirty, sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18. This is #1 in the Walk Of Shame series of novellas that will all be STANDALONE reads. If you're not into, cocky bad boys with filthy mouths and even filthier sex, then this series is not for you. If you are . . . then, come meet the dirty boys of Walk Of Shame.




Well Ms. Ashley does it again….she totally threw me for a loop with this little spicy story.  You know every time she asks me to read one of her books and give my opinion, I feel this extreme amount of anxiety of whether or not I will be able to rate the book high…


When I finished this one, she begged me to give her my rating and I had to be honest and tell her that I was only giving it a 4 ½ Stars because I didn’t like Slade in the beginning…his attitude pissed me off and I just wanted to reach in the book and slap him upside his head.  But you know what?  I thought about it for a few days and realized….SHIT, CAROL….that’s what Ms. Ashley was trying to do the whole time.  She purposely gave us a character so full of himself, so arrogant, so cocky that the reader would love to hate him or hate to love him.  This is EXACTLY how I felt about Slade!!  So, did Ms. Ashley hit the mark?  I believe she did with this one…and that’s why yesterday, I had to tell her that I finally gave one of her books a 5 Star rating.



I am so proud of her and have watched her grow from a struggling author (well not really struggling) but I have watched her writing grow in character development, watched her mature in her plot formatting and seen how her writing continues to flourish with her characterization of scenes and descriptions.  It is to a point now with her writing that I am transformed directly into the scene and living day by day in the fantasy world she is able to create.



Not only is the character development phenomenal, but OH MY FUCKING GOD…the sex in this book is something that I don’t even have words to describe!!  The sex scenes are so smoking hot that I had the willies in my tummy that just kept travelling down to the vaj-mahal! I haven’t read sex this fucking hot in such a long time that I don’t know how many times I had to take short breaks to get my mind off of having sex with Slade and back into the plot of the story.


So as you can see if you go back and check out my other reviews for Ms. Ashley’s books, the rating of stars continues to increase with each book she writes….hmmm? Now that I reached 5….what’s next?




Slade is a slave to sex….he needs it – he loves it – he is addicted to it.  Never does Slade taste or fill the same pussy twice – well that is until Aspen walks into his life.  She is the first woman Slade has shown his sexual prowess who turned him down but that isn’t the worst of it.  Aspen is friends with Slade’s roommate and will be staying in the same apartment as him.


Can Slade win Aspen over? 

Will Aspen finally subcumb to her carnal desires she is trying to hide? 

What secrets are being hidden both by Slade and Aspen regarding their pasts?

Will Aspen’s past finally catch up to her?

Will Slade ever touch a pussy more than once?



Read this novella and get the answers to the questions above…..just be WARNED….have plenty of panty changes ready!!


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