Renegade Reject (Renegade Sons MC #2) by Emily Minton & Dawn Martens

Renegade Reject (Renegade Sons MC) - Emily Minton;Dawn Martens

Book – Renegade Reject (Renegade Sons MC #2)

Author – Emily Minton & Dawn Martens

Publication Date – May 10, 2014

Type – No Cliffhanger Series

Genre – Romance

Rating – 4 out of 5 Stars


Complimentary Copy provided by Author (Blog Tour) in exchange for an honest review.



* Special limited edition of Renegade Reject includes the noveletteRenegade Wedding. Join Kidd and Jenna as they tie the knot in true biker fashion. 

Daisy “Little Flower” Anderson has lived her entire life on the sidelines of the Renegade Sons MC. Her father is a member, and her mother a club whore turned old lady. Not wanting to follow their footsteps, she chose a different path; one that keeps her close to the biker family she loves, but out of the club. 
Struggling to keep it together, she never thought she would have anything of her own, until she met Preach. He is everything she swore she didn't want in life. One night of passion leads to unexpected consequences, and she knows, now more than ever, it’s time to move forward. 
Garrett “Preach” Austin lived his life caught in his father’s iron fist. He never thought he would want anything more than freedom from his past, until he met his “Little Flower”. She shows him there is more to life than pain. 
Preach has a secret; one that forces him to choose between Daisy and his brothers. Even though he loves Daisy, the Renegade Sons are the only true family he has. He knows he can’t have her, yet he can’t let her go. 
When Daisy moves on, Preach realizes what he’s lost. Can he prove that he’s the man for her, or is he too late? 

Renegade Reject contains adult situations some readers may find offensive. This is a raw and gritty story involving explicit sex, foul language, violence and drug use. Not intended for readers under 18. 



So, I was offered a chance to read this book and remembered all the controversy with the 1st book “Renegade Lady” and I jumped at the chance and lucky for me…I was also given a copy of the 1st one…now, I believed that I have read every possible MC book scenario out there…but you know what? This book was ‘off the wall’ fantastic and I couldn’t wait to get to the next page and then the next page but by the time I made it to the end….there was one important thought I was experiencing and that was…..MORE!  I didn’t want it to end – I wanted more in the life of Daisy, Preach, Kidd, Ice, Skittles…



I think I have found a new MC series that I will be addicted to and praying for each new release!



We met Daisy and Preach in the first book and knew that things were strained between the two of them.  So now we get the inside scoop of why this is….Daisy has always been attracted to Preach and vice versa but things happen to break them apart and keep them struggling to continue with life without the love of their lives.  As much as Preach keeps messing up with trying to get Daisy back, he just doesn’t learn that inside of his tough exterior, he is worthy of her.  The more he tries to get Daisy out of his life…the more he battles with the feelings that won’t go away.



Daisy has her own problems she must deal with and Preach is at the top of them – he is constantly there every time she turns around and he continues to do and say things that tear her apart from the inside out. 


When Preach finally hits rock bottom and knows the only way to get his Little Flower back is to grow up, clean up his act and show Daisy just how much she means to him….will he be able to be the man she needs?