A Will to Change by Beth Rinyu

A Will To Change - Beth Rinyu

Book – A Will To Change

Author – Beth Rinyu

Publication Date – June 2014

Type – Stand Alone

Genre – Romance

Rating – 4 ½ out of 5 Stars


Book provided by Author in exchange for an honest review.



In A Cry for Hope you meet Jamie’s carefree younger brother, Will. Now read his story…

Will McAdams is a New York City firefighter who has always lived in the shadow of his older brother, never quite measuring up to his parents standards. He lives his life without regrets, and answers to no one. The women love him and he uses that to his advantage, making it clear that he only has one use for them.

Gabby Spencer is a nurse in the burn unit of a busy New York City hospital. Her guarded personality doesn’t allow many people into her life and her patients take the place of her lack of family. She masks the pain that she is harboring deep inside with quick wit and sarcasm.

When Will becomes one of Gabby’s patients they form a special bond and soon become each other's solace. But Will doesn’t see her like every other woman in his life. She means the world to him and he feels an underlying need to always protect her – most of all from himself. Even though he wants her more than he’s ever wanted any other woman, he’s not willing to take that next step and jeopardize everything they have. When jealousy and pain begin to overtake their once perfect friendship, will Will's fear of falling in love and never measuring up, cause him to lose the one and only woman to ever own his heart? 

Expected Publication ~ Summer 2014

* This is a companion novel to A Cry For Hope and can be read as a stand-alone



I have a few authors, who when they contact me asking for my opinion on their new books I have a “One Click Yes” response and Ms. Rinyu is one of them!  After her book, A Cry for Hope, she had a loyal fan in me.



Did she disappoint with this book?  OH HELL NO…even though this book is ‘lighter’ than her first, it still tugs at your heart strings and starts you out with a few tears.  As the same with her first book this is a very deep and complicated love story.


All of Ms Rinyu’s characters are complicated and developed which makes them so easy to relate to and connect with.  Saying this, it was especially true with Gabby ---- she was such a strong character and heroine.  She could make me laugh and get me frustrated with her stubbornness in the next. 



I don’t know how Ms. Rinyu does this but I’ll be the last to complain with how she writes the personality of her characters, this definitely being one of her strongest abilities.


And the ending?  OH MY….I did a *facepalm* with that one slipping by me!




Will is Jamie’s little brother from the first book and we start off at the Twin Towers on 9/11 where Will is a firefighter and saves a girl from one of the towers but he ends up losing one of his closest friends.  This sets the stage for Will and her personality of distancing himself from relationships.  He is wild with his partying and his women – well that is until during one call he ends up at the Burn Center after an accident.  This is where he meets Gabby as his nurse.  They instantly hit it off with Gabby’s caretaking and humor, instantly becoming friends.



We go through watching them grow from friends to wanting more but too stubborn to give into their hearts.  It is through the strength of Will and Gabby that each one is able to heal old wounds and start new close relationships.


Their relationship is full of laughs, fighting, hurt feelings, closeness and love.  We watch these two learn how to open their hearts once again and take a chance on each other.



Such a beautiful love story full of obstacles and growth while living through both Will and Gabby while they learn to live again.