The Degas Girl by A.J. Adams

The Degas Girl - AJ Adams

Book – The Degas Girl

Author – A.J. Adams

Publication Date – May 16, 2014

Type – Stand Alone

Genre – Romance, Dark

Rating – 4 out of 5 Stars


Book provided by Author in exchange for an honest review.



Serenity Bishop is a work of art. Her skin a canvas, decorated with the scars of her evil captor’s twisted abuse. But her tormentor, Angelo, is about to lose control. 

Zachary Schiavelli is an art thief and forger. His handsome face is merely the mask that hides a cold, calculating man whose own childhood of abuse has honed him into a remorseless killing machine. 

Zachary is about to take an intense disliking to Angelo.

Sometimes you need to fight fire with fire. 

In a violent tale of mob rule where violence begets violence, an unlikely alliance between two forces of nature is about to change the face of organized crime. When Serenity and Zachary collide, it’s an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object, and everyone around them is about to get caught in the crossfire.

A complete novel with no cliffhangers.

A violent tale of mob rule and dark romance. Warning contains explicit scenes of dubious consent, graphic violence and sex. Adults only




I can really see how this author has grown in their writing.  This was a fresh of breath air from the first novel “The Bonus” – I love watching an author mature in their writing and prose.



This story gripped me from the beginning and continued until the end.  Two souls fighting past demons that hold them into a stalled future unless they can learn to trust each other and learn to love again.


Serenity is thrown into a world of the mafia and sex trade after her family sold her into slavery – during this time she is put through so much torture by the hands of Angelo until Zachary witnesses firsthand the shit she goes through. 


Zachary takes her for his own while Serenity thinks she is just going from one torturer to the next but Zachary has different plans for her.  These two through time form a bond and Zachary starts to open up to her and guides her into coming into herself.



Not only do we have a story about a man and a woman but add the Italian Mafia, forgery, thieves and murder and now we are talking!