Nighttides by 10 Indie Authors

Nighttides - Lisa Suzanne, M. C. Cerny, Laura Dunaway, Lia Fairchild, Amalie Silver, Nickie Nalley Seidler, Taryn Plendl, Katherine Rhodes

Book – Nighttides

Author – 10 Indie Authors

Publication Date – August 5, 2014

Type – Anthology

Genre – Romance

Rating – Average 4 out of 5 Stars


If Wishes Came True by Lisa Suzanne - ****4 Vacation Wish Stars


This is a cute but heart-breaking read – A vacation fling with a cocky businessman – only 1 rule that must be taken seriously – DON’T FALL.  Without even making it a week Emily has broken Ben’s cardinal rule and she has no idea how she will ever get over her few days with a sex god.


One Summer by M.C. Cerny - ****4 Avocado Stars


Oh my….what a beautiful story of a summer away from the hustle and bustle of city life and working hard to be part of a law firm.  I loved the banter between Abs and Roman in the beginning of their relationship and how that frustration turned into a sexual and sensual heat between the two. 



Abby is away for the summer and taking a break from her boyfriend Lucas.  He chose work over her and Abby decides to take time for herself.  She meets Roman who is everywhere she turns around – he works at the bar, the restaurant, the post office, the B&B….you name it.  They grow closer and closer together while Lucas and her grow further apart….will this affair be just for a summer or does it have the possibility of being a “forever” romance.


Love, Nick by Laura Dunaway - ***3 ½ Nannylicious Stars


I enjoyed the story immensely but couldn’t get past the fact that she was the nanny.  I kept thinking of that thriller movie where the nanny tries to kill the mom in order to get the dad…but that’s just me being silly.  The book was cute and I loved how Liv worked with Miles on getting him to open up and the innocent flirting at first between her and Nick.


Nick is newly divorced dad who is in need of a nanny for his two children for the summer.  Liv is a college student who is looking for work during the summer.  It’s instant attraction Liv feels for Nick and she gets the job.  Sara warms up to Liv but she has a problem with Miles and his hatred for everyone.  Slowly she gets him to warm up to her but is Nick also getting the hots for his children’s nanny?


High Maintenance – Lia Fairchild - ****4 ½ Kittalicious Stars


I absolutely loved this story and how it all fit perfectly in a short novella.  We get everything in this adorable story about love, loyalty, deception and second chances.




Tate is helping his father with the maintenance issues at the apartment complex. Lexy’s apartment seems to have everything breaking down on her.  The more time she spends with Tate the more she questions her engagement to Julian.  The pipes burst, the knobs spin and the heat intensifies.


Big Balls – Amalie Silver - *****5 You’re 'Out' Stars


This was so funny and even had me choking up close to tears…wow….what a way to pull at my emotions and confuse me with my feelings!  As always Ms. Silver signs, seals and delivers a fabulous book.  Never have I read anything by her that disappointed me – she brings humor to the next level and leaves the reader with a sense of completion at the end!



Jack is the catcher and captain of a college softball team and one day she meets Nolan.  They both pretend that the attraction is non-existent and can’t even be friends.  They banter and snark each other – Jack saying that she doesn’t date during the season and Nolan stating that he only likes “soft” women.  Follow these two through a relationship and find out if Jack can finally figure out what is important in life and love.


Just Him – Nickie Nalley Seidler - ***3 ½ Murderous Stars


This story has a little bit of everything in it….murder, mystery, second chances, heartache and so much more wrapped up in a novella.  There were times that I thought the story was rushed but understand why – when writing a short story with so much information, sometimes things need to be rushed in order to get everything in and get to the climax.


Tori is home for her 10 year high school reunion and the first person she runs into is Dallas, her boyfriend throughout school.  As soon as they look into each other’s eyes, it like 10 years never happened but something is keeping Dallas from pursuing Tori further. Then we come to find out that Tori’s ‘so called’ best friend is now dating Dallas and things aren’t adding up…..something seems very fishy!


An Unexpected Journey by Taryn Fledl - ****4 Second Chance Stars


This was definitely a sweet story based on a second chance for love.  I found myself rooting for these two the entire read and almost choked up with the lost opportunities these two had throughout growing up.



Jay and Abby have been friends since their childhood – it wasn’t until the end of their school years that the truth finally came out that they had more than just friendship feelings for each other but a misunderstanding tears the two apart for so many years.  It isn’t until  Abby is on a cruise ALONE that love may just be waiting for her around the deck somewhere.


Captain by Katherine Rhodes - **** 4 “This is your Captain” Stars


This story had me laughing my ass off with the heroine and her comebacks.  I loved the fact that when she decided enough was enough with Bill…it was over and she didn’t give a shit.


Glenda is off on vacation with Bill but things just aren’t clicking anymore and Glenda decides to spend the rest of her vacation alone…In looking for an available room – she finds one but then realizes the room actually belongs to a man.  In comes Allen who needs this break from his ex-wife and comes up with a compromise of splitting the room.  Things heat up between these two and the rest is for you to read.


Bad Summer Love by Phalla S. Rios – 3 ½ Not Good Enough For You Stars


This one was different – I did have a problem with Marcus and his poor treatment of Ellie.  It just seems off kilter that these are young adults but are acting like “old souls”.  It did grab my attention as soon as Marcus started treating Ellie right and came clean about some things.



Ellie and Marcus are on vacation with their parents in Hawaii.  Ellie is in love with Marcus but he continues to treat her like shit…even though he doesn’t want her – he doesn’t want anyone to have her either…read on to find out why.


Crashing with Beau by Brittainy C. Cherry – 4 ½ Geeky Meets the Hunk Stars


I loved this story….not only the story but the characters – even the secondary characters flew out of the pages at me.  I absolutely LOVED the parents and their quirky ways…especially when Dad tries to be so hip but then gets upset about a boy.


Kate is a geek who loves the library and burying her nose in a book – that is until a chance encounter in a dimly lit corner in the library.  Beau happens to live above the library and comes crashing into Kate’s reading time, but it seems that Kate can’t get Beau out of her thoughts.  Things escalate between these two and Kate is getting everything she hoped for ----- a summer fling to get rid of her virgin status before she leaves for school.


My only complaint…I would have LOVED an epilogue to see what happened between these two!