The Space In Between by Jen Minkman

The Space In Between - Jen Minkman

Book – The Space In Between

Author – Jen Minkman

Publication Date – September 8, 2014

Type – Stand Alone

Genre – Romance, Paranormal

Rating – 4 out of 5 Stars



When Moira helps out her sister and brother in a Wiccan ritual on Halloween, the last thing she expects is to be swept away to a mystical wilderness. Sitting within the stones of the ancient circle of Penmaenmawr, Wales, she's convinced it's an illusion. But the dark-haired, handsome man with amnesia that Moira meets during her trance cannot be blinked away like a dream.

Hayko, the mysterious stranger, won’t let go. After returning home from her stone circle adventure, Moira is beckoned back night after night to the outlandish dreamland by an invisible force. But the hardest part isn't having to fight the terrifying creatures of these nightmares--it's realizing she’s falling for a guy without a past who isn’t real.

What if you really can fall in love with the man of your dreams?



I was pleasantly surprised when Ms. Minkman remembered how much I loved her book “The Boy from the Woods” and contacted me to receive an ARC of this book.  Once I read the synopsis, I knew to expect some new and exciting paranormal instances.  Ms. Minkman has a way of creating images and fantasies, which break out of the “normal” box to keep the reader constantly enamored by the story line.



Honestly though, the beginning was a bit slow and there was a time that I seriously thought of not finishing. Instead, I walked away from the book and in time found myself continuing to wonder what was going to happen next and what was really going on – so I picked it back up and within a chapter or two, I couldn’t put it down.


I fell in love with Moira and Hayko – especially Moira and her transcendence from being ruled into finally thinking for herself.  She is a prime candidate for the heroine who must journey through her emotions and make some hard decisions in order for her to come into her prime.  Not only is she helping herself grow up but in the process by helping Hayko, she is helping herself to see what her life’s “big picture” is.  She learns that instead of doing what others want her to and by being “careful” – she is missing out on life and she isn’t living to her full potential.



There comes a time though as soon as Moira finally understands and knows without a doubt what she wants – that she is met with an obstacle and a choice – she must choose between doing the right thing or doing what her intuition is telling her.  She must make an ultimate sacrifice for the good of another no matter what it means for her own future.


This is not just a nice romance – instead Ms. Minkman tends to write about instances, which bring the reader to a state of philosophical thinking about the greater good and life.  A very emotional book, which sucks the reader into a world of dreams and fantasies full of angels and evil.




Moira seems to think she is happy with life just the way it is…but she must learn that certain actions can create a domino effect, which can ultimately hurt others.  She is in a humdrum relationship – works part-time and goes to Uni part-time. Diagnosed with ADHD, she is heavily medicated that affects her ability to tap into her creativity level and imagination when it comes to her art.



After a certain Wiccan ritual, Moira and her siblings find themselves part of a dream they all experience or watch together.  Through these dreams, Moira meets Hayko who seems to be stuck in this “between” existence without his memory and Moira must help him either cross over into the light or grant his freedom from what she has no idea.


With the help of her siblings and friends, Moira travels through a journey in her dreams and in her real life.  Are the two connected somehow?  This is what Moira must find out before it’s too late.